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All our systems are highly reliable, easy to install and no expert knowledge of anti-theft systems is required to run or regulate our devices and systems.

We are the foremost manufacturer and direct selling company of acousto-magnetic systems in Spain.

E.A.S. AM and RF anti-theft systems can be manufactured to order, with different measurements, colours and logos to suit the client’s needs.


Our acousto-magnetic systems are extremely easy to install and no expert knowledge of anti-theft systems is required run or regulate the system.

The acousto-magnetic system is an electronic system which works at a frequency of 58Khz. (it is compatible with all types of 58Khz acousto-magnetic tags).

The systems process the digital signal and are easily regulated using  software. The system is manufactured in aluminium and transparent methacrylate, and also available in a range of colours and can be personalized with the store logo.

The 58Khz.  systems are compatible with all types of rigid, flexible and adhesive tags. When the system detects the signal the alarms is triggered.

Our systems can be: mono-antenna, two antenna (1 TX + 1 RX), three antenna (1 TX + 2 RX) or as many antennas can be installed as may be required.

Nowadays, this is the most advanced system on the market. It is completely digital and has our technology. It is manufactured in Spain, complies with EU directives and regulations and is patented.


The anti-theft system comprises of a power supply feeder, a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. The TX (transmitting antenna) emits a radio frequency signal to one or two RX antennas (receiving antennas) which detect the signal from the tag or label producing the acousto-optic signal (the standard frequency is 8.2 or 4.8 Mhz.). All electronic systems have been certified by the EU and comply with all European directives and regulations.

Digital technology and the use of DSP allow the system to be adjusted and regulated at the installation stage with no need for the use of an oscilloscope. Adjustments can be made visibly on the LEd bar displayed on the RX; in the case of any unwanted surrounding electrical noise, a technician will access the system program with a terminal and directly connect to the RX for a more accurate regulation.

In order to eliminate possible unwanted electrical noise it is recommendable to use a 220 Vca electrical supply exclusive to the system



The distance between the antennas will be determined by the footfall area to be covered, taking into consideration the fact that the larger the tag, the greater the separation between the antennas can be.

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